Analyzing Offline Social Engagements: An Empirical Study Of Meetup Events Related To Software Development

Our results indicate that, although only a small subset of repositories adopted GitHub Actions to date, there is a positive perception of the technology. S. The negative values indicate the removal of the associated heuristic decreases the number of rationale sentences captured: thus it has a positive influence. Our findings also indicate that the adoption of GitHub Actions increases the number of monthly rejected pull requests. “After adoption of CI, normalized collaboration amount between programmers significantly increases for our set of OSS and proprietary projects.”. This, however, was still computationally challenging problem and we followed the approach in (Theeten et al., 2019) to consider as documents only pairs of APIs produced by first creating the complete set of APIs for each tuple representing developer, language and project and then, for sets of the APIs that are smaller than 50, creating a document for each pair of the APIs. To gain an insight into how developers perceive GitHub Actions, we manually analyzed a set of 209 GitHub issues that discuss GitHub Actions. For this purpose, we compared the commit history looking for changes regarding Actions, which include addition, removal, configuration change, or version update.

The naive definition of the skill space can be represented by the vector of length 110 million, that represents each of the distinct APIs extracted from over 4 billion changes to the source code of the languages under consideration. A reasonable expectation would be that the new projects a developer will join (make an accepted contribution) would be more likely to be closely aligned with the developer’s skill vector than a randomly selected project would be. ­There are probably hundreds of abandoned games that most of us will never know about. The lineup of currently available games includes racing games like Gizmondo Motorcross 2005, Stuntcar Extreme, Trailblazer, and Richard Burns Rally; sports games like Hockey Rage 2005, Pocket Ping Pong and Toy Golf; and puzzle games like Sticky Balls and Super Drop Mania. Highlights include a front-loading, Blu-ray optical disc drive with Blu-ray discs games. The main circuit board also houses a SanDisk flash drive for memory — 16 gigabytes’ worth of storage, though only 12 gigabytes are available to the user. For example, a workflow is triggered when a pull request is created for a repository or when a pull request is merged into the main branch.

GitHub allows developers to build Docker and JavaScript Actions and both require a metadata file to define the inputs, outputs, and main entry point of the Action. Let’s Diskuss is one of the fastest trending online discussion fora which allows you to access information and the latest news about the world and actively participate in the ongoing discussions. We did not collect contact information. This massive amount of data was processed to extract meaningful information to answer the research questions. For the software engineering research community, DEV presents an opportunity to better understand the social and networked software developer. Our research is the first to investigate how developers use Actions. The output of the First Interaction Action is displayed through an issue/pull request comment posted by GitHub Action Bot when a new pull request or issue is authored by a new contributor. Time since the first pull request: in months, computed since the earliest recorded pull request in the entire project history. In summary, we make the following contributions: (i) bringing attention to GitHub Actions, a relevant yet neglected resource that offers support for developers’ tasks; (ii) characterizing the usage of GitHub Actions, and (iii) providing an understanding of how GitHub Actions’ adoption impacts project activities and what developers discuss about them.

Lastly, having direct contact with the cert tester is really important because they will understand the notes better than anyone else, and it avoids getting lost in the monolithic beast that is public Steam support. You will either need to find a mentor or a community of Software Developers that will help you navigate a continual path forward. Zuckerberg also said Facebook will launch a “payout interface” to help creators see how much money they’re losing to fees from companies such as Apple and Google. Note that the syntax will not change if we specify the library to be static instead. This was a requirement we assumed before we started to implement the linear algebra library. To compose our study sample, we started by selecting repositories from GitHub. We further introduced a preference mechanism, which eases the role selection and adds the flexibility of selecting the best role from within a project when using a model trained on a different project’s data. Recently, GitHub introduced GitHub Actions, a feature providing automated workflows for repository maintainers. We found distinct categories of discussions related to GitHub Actions’ maintenance and implementation, including switching other automation tools to Actions, suggestions to implement Actions, and problems and frustrations. Overall, we found that a typical Action is added two times, and never removed or modified.

As a results of this analysis, we found a small subset of active repositories (0.7% of the 416,266 repositories) adopted GitHub Actions. Another researcher categorized a subset of 25 random issues using the same model. The first author of this paper conducted the manual classification of the 209 issues. Two researchers independently conducted the manual classification. It documents an experiment that took place in a business environment (IT consultancy company in Munich, Germany) with a total of 12 stakeholders divided in two groups (control and experimental group) well equilibrated in terms of gender motivation and experience. On DEV, users post about software from a broad perspective, integrating social and technical ideas in one place. A software engineer applies mathematical analysis and principles of computer science to design and develop software for various platforms such as desktops, mobile devices, consoles, or television sets. As further steps, the authors would like to design a systematic approach to identify topics for challenges and assessing these challenges for relevance. The client makes a change to the house’s design early in the project. First, we collected and quantitatively analyzed the number of projects using GitHub Actions and the number of Actions per project (RQ1). Decreases the monthly number of commits on merged pull requests. Time-to-merge/time-to-close pull requests: the median of monthly pull request latency (in hours), computed as the difference between the time when the pull request was closed and the time when it was opened. Th is data has been done ᠎wi th t he he᠎lp ᠎of GSA Content Ge᠎nerator DEMO!

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