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The vast majority of the participants (86.84%) did not agree that working only through an online medium was a challenge (statement C10), and 71.8% of them felt that it was not difficult to collaborate through a purely online medium (statement C9). Of the general challenges, the most prevalent was 50% of students agreeing that establishing a work-life balance while working from home was a challenge (statement C6), which is related to the government ’stay-at-home’ policies and its impact on students in managing the different areas of their lives. Other students described the effect of such a working style on team and project management. 61.54% wanted to learn more about COVID-19, and 48.72% also saw this as an opportunity to experience working on a crisis related software project. Their prior professional experience in software development. Experience. 29 students (74.36%) pointed out that they had no experience in software development in the industry before joining the project. As mentioned earlier, 74% of the students had no software development experience in the industry before joining the project, which may have resulted in the team being strongly motivated by the desire to learn new skills and technologies (77%), and gaining experience for their CV (69%). Moreover, participants further expressed they wanted to build a network by meeting and communicating with new people (67%) and to contribute to a student-initiated/led project (64%). Participants largely disagreed with participating simply to occupy free time, with only 26% agreeing with the option. Con᠎tent has be en gen᠎er ated by G᠎SA Content G ener​at᠎or DEMO.

Hybrid app development (e.g., Flutter, React Native, Ionic). No. And that’s the beauty of this unique gaming app. ”, and “due to the lack of a federal level information hub we have to manually collect some data for our app from different places”. Our survey had 7 questions to collect demographic information such as students’ gender. Hence, it was challenging for us to design appropriate and comprehensive survey questions. Design artifacts are often abandoned to rust once the implementation work has started, because the code diverges over time from the planned design and this gap nullifies the value of the design models, e.g., for certification. Software is digital in nature, making it easy to save and distribute online, but like books, movies, songs and other artistic works that can be copied and distributed, software code is subject to copyright laws. You can log and create customized experiments if you’re a software developer. As a result, a developer might have several additional author IDs (that they might not even be aware of) inside WoC that collectively correspond to a single developer. They are different services that developers can even use separately according to their needs. Th᠎is has been creat​ed  with the ​he lp of G SA​ C onte​nt G en erator Demover​sion​!

In traditional software development, there are different development phases, such as coding, testing, analysis and others. It is easy to use and well-suited to complex software development tasks, data analysis challenges and infrastructure management. To better understand the possible challenges faced by and solutions adopted by students, we conducted a pilot study before the survey to analyze the team discussions on Slack and the issue tracking system of the project. Challenges related to data collection were also frequently found through the pilot study, with example Slack messages such as “gov can make a mistake and it’s hard for us to always keep an eye on it”, “they are always changing the format… While these challenges were present in the pilot study, the students did not feel strongly about their presence in the project. We classify the possible challenges that the students faced into General Challenges and Data Collection Challenges. Role. 35.90% of the students indicated that they mainly contributed to the project as a developer. I know our skill level will vary from developer to developer. The following chart shows some of the frequently issues I have found when working in a Software Team, note that my experience is still short, I’ve been working as software developer since 2012. Communication So far software is still made by people, then we must know to communicate efficiently. Table 1 shows the notation used for various terms in this paper. Table 2 shows a comparison in terms of LOC (lines of code), without and with the approach, excluding the “view” layer of the MVC architecture as it was not implemented in the proof-of-concept.

However, some developers write code themselves instead of giving instructions to programmers. Typically, workers must have several years of experience as software developers before they can become lead developers or project managers. Hence, we presented the participants involved in data collection with challenge statements specific to data collection, shown in Table V. We observe the majority of students agreeing to the statements, which shows that these challenges were prevalent in the project. For instance, the challenge of collecting data made up a high proportion of challenge-related messages (147 out of 457, or 32.17%), as shown in Table I. This informed several data collection specific challenges that were presented in a separate section of the survey. The participants were presented with 12 motivations. Table III shows the motivations that the participants selected from. RQ1. We found that playing a positive role in the COVID-19 crisis, learning new skills and technologies, and gaining experience for their CV were the most cited motivations for volunteering students to contribute to the COVID-19 information dashboard. Given the ongoing pandemic, 89.74% of participants were highly motivated to play a positive role in the crisis. We also provided “Not Applicable” in the answer options, which allowed students to indicate if they did not face a given challenge. We showed the students a list of possible challenges (See Table IV). We also designed 4 six-point Likert scale statements to seek the level of agreement or disagreement of students on the possible challenges in data collection during the project.

Practices. Similarly to the challenges, we designed two types of statements to explore how often students applied a provided list of 10 practices or techniques to address the challenges they encountered during the project, as well as 5 used exclusively during the data collection. None of the challenges were agreed upon by more than 50% of the participants. The proportion of survey participants identified as having worked in each area. Another discussion details how participants worked together to establish a reliable source for the number of recovered cases to replace the Australian government website when it stopped releasing them in late March. Raised issues to identify common topics discussed among the participants. Moreover, analysis of the open questions also highlighted the issues associated with the government’s reporting process in releasing information about COVID-19. COVID-19 project. The statements were rated based on a six-point Likert scale (from “Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”). The survey participants were recruited from the volunteering students who contributed to the COVID-19 information dashboard. Skills. The students were asked to show how confident they were about 8 soft skills and 8 technical skills before contributing to the project and after participating in the project.

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