Between: Google, Meta, And Marketers – Intriguing information broke a while back. Google , Meta, And Marketers will implement a user privacy policy similar to Apple’s, according to the latest reports.

Facebook will no longer be accessible via Android. As a result, Facebook will no longer be able to keep track of Android users’ activities.

In an article entitled Apple, Facebook, and Digital Product Caste, I discussed this restriction on Facebook. In order to better understand what I was talking about in this episode, I recommend reading the article first.

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What will happen if Google restricts Meta?


How would things change if Facebook’s restrictions were put in place?
There will be a cascade of events, in my opinion.

Loss of capital as a whole

Facebook, on the other hand, has suffered significant financial losses. Facebook has suffered losses of up to USD 10 billion as a result of restrictions imposed solely by Apple.
The losses to Facebook will be even greater if Android, which has more devices than Apple, imposes restrictions as well.

It is time for advertisers to rethink the way they marketers themselves

Another thing that’s going to happen is a shift in the advertising tactics used by businesses.
Advertisers and marketers have found it much easier to advertise thanks to a variety of factors, including Facebook’s ad algorithm and dashboard panels. 

However, most advertisers open the Facebook Ads dashboard on a daily basis, so they have a good understanding of the various components and how they interact.

Because of Facebook’s new policies, these advertisers will have to rethink how they advertise in the future.

Like driving a Tesla electric car, using Facebook Ads as an analogy.

It’s like driving a manual car if there are limitations. Even if you don’t own a Tesla, you can still drive and operate the vehicle, but your driving style will be very different.

As a result, Apple mail no longer has the ability to track open rates. Changing email marketing metrics is a given if Gmail follows in the footsteps of Apple Mail.

Third, the disappearance of cheap traffic.

An online business’s survival depends on Facebook advertising, which has a low CPC and a low cost per lead (CPL).

Advertising will become more expensive if these restrictions are implemented.
Because of this tracking feature, advertising can be kept to a minimum. 

Many businesses will go out of business if they can’t afford to advertise.

People shop based on a variety of factors, including the cost.

What do marketers have to do?

This is the result of Google’s Facebook restrictions. Then what should we do as marketers?
Using Facebook for the past 10 years, we’ve learned how to do math. In other words, everything can be quantified, from the number of visitors to the conversion rate.

Traditional advertising, where we don’t know which ads are most profitable and what their results are, will be the result if this is enforced.

In this way, it can be prepared for the future, with strong branding and creative ads that can make people who see it stop and read the message.

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