Making a Brochure: 8 Design Ideas for Your Business

Best Creative Brochure Design Ideas & Examples – It’s not as difficult or expensive as you might think to create a visually appealing brochure. A professional can be hired for as little as $5 on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, or you can make one yourself. Alternatively, graphic design sites like Canva and Vistaprint offer templates and low-cost brochure printing if you prefer the former option.

1. Making a Brochure Half-fold or Bi-fold Brochure

Making a Brochure

Canva, for example, makes it simple to design a bi-fold brochure online. (Source)

Four pages can be created with a single fold in the middle, making this the simplest type of brochures (two at the front and two at the back). If you don’t have a lot of information to include on your brochures, this option is ideal for you. In addition, it’s the most user-friendly because the booklet layout should be simple and clear.

Minimize the amount of text you use in this brochure to just what is necessary in order to make it as effective as possible. A bi-fold brochure can include your company’s best-selling products, services, and mission statement. Only two to three colors are allowed in the design, and high-resolution images should fill the rest of the space.

2. Making a Brochure Tri-fold Brochure

Vistaprint has a variety of tri-fold templates. (Source)

The tri-fold brochures is another common design for a brochure. By folding the paper three times, you can make three panels (each with three pages) instead of just one long one. The tri-fold brochure, in contrast to the bi-fold, gives you much more room to get creative with the information you include.

With a tri-fold template, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Even though a tri-fold brochure has more pages than a bi-fold brochure, it will still be lighter overall. As a result, it is easier for your audience to grab and go. If your business has a lot of products, tri-fold brochures can be a great way to showcase them to customers.

3. Making a Brochure Z-fold Brochure

There are numerous tri-fold templates available from Vistaprint. (Source)
Another common brochures design is the tri-fold brochure. Instead of one long sheet, you can create three panels (each with three pages) by folding the paper three times. Unlike the bi-fold brochure, the tri-fold brochures allows you to be much more creative with the information you include.

The possibilities are virtually endless when working with a tri-fold template. There are more pages but the overall weight will still be lighter because of this. As a result, your audience will be able to grab and go more easily. For businesses with a large number of products, tri-fold brochures can be an effective marketing tool.

4. Making a Brochure Accordion Brochure

More content and images can be included in accordion brochures. (Source)

Don’t let the number of folds you can make limit your creativity. It is possible to create an infinite number of pages in an accordion brochures by using the same folding technique as a Z-fold. Having more room for information is a good thing, but it’s also a warning sign that you’re about to overwhelm your audience.

The accordion works best when used to display images in a continuous stream, as shown in the preceding examples. This type of brochures can also be used for maps or other content that requires a larger display area.

5. Making a Brochure Die-cut Brochure

New York University Stern’s brochure features a die-cut image of the city’s skyline. 

Die-cutting allows you to tell a story in a variety of ways, according to the source. If you’ve ever seen a Z-cut or tri-cut brochure, you’ve seen the same zigzagging fold in a die-cut brochures. In contrast, instead of leaving the panels completely blank, the brochures uses cutouts to give you a glimpse of what’s on the inside or to keep the design current. When it comes to marketing your brand, a die-cut brochures is a great option because it stands out from the crowd.

With the die-cut method, you can create countless beautiful brochures, but because of its design, it’s expensive. Special events like conferences and fairs are the best places to keep this type of brochures.

6. Making a Brochure Experiment With Shapes

A rhomboid shape is used to print this brochures, rather than a more traditional square or rectangle. (Creative Market) (Source:)

If you can’t afford die-cut brochures, you can still make your brochure stand out by experimenting with its shape. This tri-fold brochure is printed on a rhomboid shape instead of a regular sheet of paper, which gives it a unique look.

Because this brochures isn’t typical, you won’t find a template for it on sites like Canva or Vistaprint. A brochures like this one can be designed for you by hiring a graphic designer on Upwork or Fiverr.

7. Experiment With Layouts

Instead of having your information displayed horizontally, make sure it is displayed lengthwise. In Hongkiat’s words, “

The layout of this brochures is truly out-of-the-ordinary. It’s a departure from most brochures, which read from left to right, in that it reads lengthwise.

 Z-folds at the top and bottom allow it to close to a beautiful cover design that is consistent with the brand. There are many ways to fold your brochures, and this is a great example of one. You may come up with something new and interesting if you play around with different ways to fold your brochures.

8. Experiment With Folds

Fold your brochure in novel ways rather than merely experimenting with the standard folds of a brochures. 

This origami-like fold ensures that your brand stands out while keeping the content layout simple. This demonstrates that you don’t have to do anything drastic and end up spending more money to create an excellent marketing piece for your brand. In fact, a site like Canva makes it easy to create a design similar to this one.

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