Create a YouTube Channel for New Beginners 2022 – YouTube Channel has been around for a very long time now having been founded back in 2005 , 91 countries and 80 languages are represented by the YouTube platform which is used by 315 million people every day.

In today’s society it can be said that YouTube is more than just a video-sharing site. YouTube is a favorite of many people, and it’s also a favorite of many marketers. 88 percent of video marketers plan to incorporate video platforms into their marketing strategy this year, according to the 2022 video marketing statistics survey.

As a result, YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet, with more than a billion users and over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. Having a YouTube channel is essential when it comes to promoting your business.

To help you get started this year, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a YouTube channel step-by-step.

Know What is YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel

With YouTube, it’s simple to watch videos from around the world. Sharing your own videos with others is also possible. Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has grown to be one of the most visited websites on the Internet, averaging over 6 billion hours of video viewing per month from its users worldwide.

The sheer volume of videos available on YouTube is one of the main reasons it is so popular.

YouTube receives an average of 100 hours of video per minute, so there’s always something new to watch and you’ll find a wide variety of videos on the site, from adorable cats to wacky crows.

With YouTube, it’s simple to watch videos from any computer or mobile device. Sharing your own videos is also possible, and you can even do it on YouTube.

The video-sharing website YouTube was launched in 2005 and has grown to be one of the most visited websites on the Internet, with users watching approximately 6 billion hours of video each month.

To some extent, this is due to the sheer volume of content available on YouTube. If you’re looking for something to watch, you’ll never run out of things to watch on YouTube, which receives an average of around 100 hours of video per minute.

Additionally, YouTube offers a straightforward way to save and share videos with others over the internet.

It’s possible to upload a YouTube video on any topic you can think of Embedding and sharing these videos on other websites is simple as they can be sent via email, social media and other websites.

For each video you watch on YouTube, there is a “Suggested Videos” section next to it, which includes videos based on your viewing history that the YouTube search engine considers to be most likely to interest you.

Viewers on YouTube are encouraged to give their thoughts on the videos they see to save their favorite videos for later viewing, and to share the videos they enjoy with others.

You have the option of making your videos available to the general public or only to a select group of people.

If you want to know how well your content is performing on YouTube, you should be familiar with and attentive to the analytics provided by the platform. Analytical and reporting capabilities are provided by YouTube Analytics.

If you upload videos to YouTube, you can see how many people have seen them, where they’ve come from, and who they’ve come from using this tool. With the help of YouTube Analytics, you can learn about:

YouTube search terms used, the first reference from another video, or the first embed on another website where the video was first referenced..

Businesses can use YouTube’s features to target potential customers based on demographics, interests, or other factors, such as demographics, interests, or other factors. When someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser receives a fee. If you want to give your ad a leg up on the competition, you can choose where your ad will appear, what format it will appear in, and even how much you are willing to pay per view.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

The steps you have to do if you want to create a YouTube channel are as follows:

Create your Youtube channel with Google

If you have a Google account, you can use it to create your YouTube channel. To begin, use your Google account to log in to YouTube. Enter your Gmail ID and password when prompted by’s “Sign in” option, and you’re all set.

Click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen if you already have a YouTube account. Then go to the “Settings” menu.option from the drop-down menu. Because Google owns YouTube, you can select both your Google and your YouTube account from the drop-down menu above.

After that, you’ll be taken to an overview of your account To begin a new YouTube channel, go to “Your YouTube channel” and click the “Create a new channel” link. Creating your channel name is the first step to starting a YouTube channel. You are free to use the name of your company or any other.

Create your Youtube channel name

Making a name for yourself in the world of YouTube is crucial Users will be able to learn more about you and your video channel from this.

There are currently more than a million YouTube channels, and that number is only going to rise. If you want to make your channel stand out from the rest, you must have a searchable and unique name.

More views, subscribers, likes, and shares are all benefits of having a catchy YouTube channel name. It’s also critical to be consistent with your name as a way of establishing your brand. In this case, it is best to stick with your own name for your YouTube channel because you are already a well-known influencer and your name is the main attraction. For example, you have a well-known anonymous blog.

Another option is to call your YouTube channel something personal like “your name.” Other considerations to bear in mind include the following:

– Choose an easy-to-remember channel name.

– Choose a name that fits your unique audience.

– Make it relevant to your niche.

– Your YouTube channel name is case sensitive, so make sure to capitalize it for easier reading.

Having a catchy domain name isn’t the most important thing, but it can go a long way. Make sure to spend some time thinking about how your audience knows you before you begin writing. YouTube allows channel renaming in the future, so it’s fine to use a temporary name right now.

Customize your Youtube channel

Your content’s engagement rate is the most important factor, but a catchy name can also be helpful. Make sure to spend some time thinking about how your audience knows you before you begin. And since YouTube will allow you to rename your channel in the future, you can continue with a temporary name for the time being.


The layout section will assist you in making the most of your video content.


Uploading your profile picture and banner image as well as watermarking your video is part of this process.

Basic Info

Add the channel name, description, URL, and a link to the site you want to share with your viewers..

Customize your Youtube channel layout

Lastly, we’ll take a look at the “Layout” tab, which allows you to choose and configure what viewers see when they visit your channel.

As soon as a user opens your channel, they’ll see this as the first video , Depending on whether or not the viewer is a subscriber, you can show two different types of videos in the Video Highlights section. You can provide a channel snippet to those who haven’t subscribed yet.

Your channel snippet should be a showcase of your work, a description of what your channel is about, and an invitation to viewers to subscribe to your channel. Subscribers who return can watch any of your previously featured videos. The three dots menu allows you to edit or delete this video at any time.

This is the time to add highlighted sections. When viewers visit your channel’s homepage, they can customize what they see.

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