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Most of the talks are technical in nature where an experienced developer explains or introduces a core software concept. Different from talks and hands-on sessions, conferences were longer and bigger events that often span multiple days, with participation by many speakers, and covered a more diverse range of topics. From our findings presented in Figure 5, we can clearly see that the most popular category of events is Talks by Domain Experts, followed by Hands-on Sessions and Open Discussions. Conferences: The events in this category were created mostly to notify the group members of any upcoming conferences. As discussed in Section 4.2 we had extracted information 3,120,888 members. 90.62%. In Hands-on Sessions, the participants are generally required to bring their own laptops so that they can work on various tasks and exercises discussed in the event and also ask other people for help. Such kind of events were many a times marked with a request for the participants to bring their own laptops so as they can practice the exercises that follow a talk. Then plot a bar graph of percentage of events occurring in each category. Among these 5,008 groups we found that for the groups where the organizer was female, the mean of female percentage for such groups is 28.97%, as compared to 17.60% for the groups where the organizer was male.

To validate that female percentage for groups with female organizers is indeed significantly different from the groups with male organizers, we performed the Mann-Whitney U test (Mann and Whitney, 1947) on distributions of female percentage for both cases. The test gave a p-value which is less than 0.05, and thus we can say that the distributions are significantly different. The topic kotlin refers to a statically typed programming language that can be used for multi-platform application development and is thus becoming very popular lately. Christopher Smith, Vice President, Handheld Application Platform and Tools at Research In Motion. Regarding the first research question, the types or classification of context vary. If you want to know more, visit this article regarding software escrow agent selection. When deciding on the best software development company, always consider the above factors, which will guide your acquisition of the best software option. In general only 40-60% of the team members time will be available for the actual new feature work in a sprint. When you have a distributed team, it is important to continue the tasks without having to wait for other team members who are not available due to time zone differences. You may register as an individual or bring an entire team. Programmers that have had a string of unsuccessful projects may yield to the belief that it is usual for a project to be a nightmare.

Open Discussions : The events in this category did not have any predefined agenda. Many a times such events required the participants to pay a fee. How will you pay for the boot camp? After the investigation, the forensic accountants will basically organize the necessary information that will be used for filing civil or criminal court cases. The app or website’s home screen will display text and graphics cards showing your recent interactions, descriptions and links to get to more related information. To develop your analytical skills, read more books, build on your math skills through an online class, play brain games like crosswords, or learn something new to expand your knowledge. To learn about storing digital photos, read on. Can anyone be trained to read really fast? Based on the analysis of topic popularity, it can be observed that topics related to broad themes of blockchain, machine learning, cross-platform development etc. are becoming popular over last few years. More over the top copy protections. Those opportunities and resources could have been used to make more games, and sadly some of these effects are likely irreversible. Also techniques such as mapreduce have become quite commonplace so the popularity of this topic also seems to be going down.

Stable over past few years the focus on such topics is expected to go down. 5.4. RQ4: How does the popularity of topics of Meetup groups change over time? You’re an absolute winner if they check all the right boxes and provide value by providing innovative inputs, 24/7 assistance, and a quick turnaround time! We also computed the Cliffs Delta (Cliff, 1993) statistic for the two distributions and found the deta value to be 0.413 (medium). In addition to Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco run two other popular professional certification programs. Two 10MP telephoto cameras. To fulfill this goal, we executed the search strategy that was defined during the planning stage and identified 1451 articles, of which 17 papers were included in the review as primary study papers. How many words are in the Google voice search database? Using simple words and sentences but being clear about your meaning and intention. Very few studies mention a particular agile methodology being used to integrate these approaches. Others: Few events in our sample could not be categorized into any of the 8 above-mentioned categories. We were able to find 162 events spread across all 9 categories which had both the fields. This art​icle was g᠎ener​ated ᠎by GSA C ontent᠎ Generator᠎ D em​ov er sion!

We only considered those events for which values of both these fields were present in our dataset. Also as seen in Table 2 we can see that our event dataset spans across various topics. Developers also onboard on our platform within minutes, see the types of opportunities available, express interest, and begin vetting for skills and jobs they want to pursue. The Tech Jobs Tour is coming to Denver and looking to connect with techies and community-focused individuals in the city … Job seekers; the focus being on software related jobs. How long does it take to learn software development? Administrative Events: These events were primarily organized to discuss among the group organizers and volunteers the roles and responsibilities each group member would take. A look at the recent organized events shows that many of them can be classified as Hands-on Sessions, a category developed as part of RQ1 in Section 5.1. The other popular topics relate to some recent technologies such as ethereum and hyperledger are both related to another topic blockchain, which in very simple terms is a list of records linked and secured using cryptography. Figure 5 shows a bar graph showing the popularity of each category.

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