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Prior he was a product leader at Facebook, Lyft, and Google where be built several successful enterprise and consumer products including cloud, ads, and search. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Google Nexus 5 run Android version 4.4 KitKat. During these creative phases, short creativity workshops are run to discover more new ideas. Concurrently, during these phases, all of the obtained results are stored. An initial set of relevant studies was selected by reading the title and abstract of all the studies obtained from the web search engines, and these were evaluated according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Since standard quality criteria that are valid for all systematic reviews do not exist, we compiled questions from the suggestions proposed by Kitchenham in kitchenham2008personal . All documents that did not fulfill these criteria were discarded. All these advantages make it possible to deliver high-quality solutions on time and better meet user expectations. The results of the study show that this technique facilitates skill sharing, team building, creative problem exploration, the rapid prototyping of ideas and possible solutions for complex, underspecified and open-ended problems. Additionally, there are two checkpoints (represented by diamonds) that allow the detection of problems or errors after the planning and execution phases have been completed biolchini2005systematic . The study concludes that creativity-driven workshops and physical artifacts are effective tools as regards encouraging the generation of requirements and solutions for complex problems.

The overlap between initial Internet artifacts and company-specific artifacts is shown in Figure 4. In Step Four, we analyzed these 69 company-specific Internet artifacts to find which companies use the identified practices. The detailed result of the survey responses on questions with Likert scale options which are a subset of identified practices is shown in Figure 5. For the 5 remaining practices including all 3 implementation practices and 2 management practices, we provided a list of appropriate options and the possibility to add another answer. Once again, the answer is high. This study employs an experience report to provide evidence of the incorporation of Agile Usage-Centered Design into the day to day work of agile projects so as to deliver high quality software. Professional soccer athletes are at high risk of the type of injuries that put them off line for weeks at a time. Many employers will also look for evidence of continuing professional development (CPD) outside of the classroom. The aim of the present study is to employ a systematic review to investigate the state of the art of the techniques or methodologies that apply creative approaches to requirements elicitation in Agile Software Development, along with the benefits and limitations and the strength of evidence of these approaches. Considering that requirements elicitation plays a determining role in the development process and that it is characterized by ambiguity, uncertainty, and unpredictability schon2017agile , it has been proposed that agile processes be extended with creative techniques in order to manage complex software developments hollis2013extending ; maiden2010requirements ; mahaux2013collaborative ; lemos2012systematic .

RQ1. What methodologies or techniques that involve creative approaches in requirements elicitation (RE) in agile software development (ASD) exist? Limitations of creative approaches for Requirements Engineering in ASD. Secondly, that of evaluating its benefits and limitations by means of a survey with the developers and designers of five real software development projects. Not all software development projects are created equal. In order to create a website, web design is first created in psd format which is then converted into HTML/XHTML markup. Because no matter what product is created, it is created to work in the long run. Very often, the final product ends up offering features that the end user does not need while lacking features that are required. However, desktop gamers will need to wait a little longer before they can plug Arc GPUs into their rigs. However, as evidenced by the search results, it was later observed that this block was overcomplicating the search query without providing additional relevant results. Table 3 shows the results obtained after executing the adapted search queries. There is a noteworthy difference between the number of obtained results and the number of relevant results.

Similarly, the approaches that present artifacts as focal points for participants to use in the design process are not developed on the basis of feedback obtained from the stakeholders. Even though some works have already made use of creativity techniques like creativity workshops to elicit requirements maiden2004integrating ; schlosser2008using , it has not yet been investigated whether such approaches can be applied to groups with little or no experience in the problem domain. The idea of using creativity workshops to support the creative process in requirements engineering had already been investigated by the same authors in previous studies maiden2007can ; zachos2008inventing ; maiden2004integrating ; maiden2005integrating ; jones2007creativity . DevOps has redefined the software development process, moving the industry to an iterative process that makes software more resilient and flexible. Will companies change and put more effort and money into keeping developers, instead of focusing most of their efforts into hiring replacements? Nevertheless, it also underlines that users should be open minded and willing to discard and change ideas if the prototype proves unsuccessful. Hills are a new way in which to express user’s needs, sponsor users are real human beings who can share their experiences and points of view and playbacks are checkpoints when the project team and Sponsor Users meet in order to review the state of the project and plan the next steps. This data has  be en g​en᠎erated with t​he help of G᠎SA C ontent Gen erator D em᠎oversion.

The author underlines that in many software development projects, despite recent progress as regards adopting agile methodologies, the output does not always meet the business needs. This leads to cost savings and the development of solutions that better meet business needs. This results in better software for all. Since this template is focused on systematic reviews based on empirical studies, and the objective of this paper is to carry out a literature analysis of a very new area in which proper empirical evidence might be very limited, we have followed this template but have excluded the following subsections: control, population, experimental design, results statistical calculus, sensitivity analysis and plotting. It was found that, of the 1451 gathered studies, only 51 were relevant, i.e., 4 per cent. It is important to consider that one specific study may be found in several search spaces at the same time. The number of relevant studies that were found in each digital library is presented in the third column of Table 4. These numbers are detailed as percentages in the 4th and 5th columns. This work provides empirical evidence of the technique presented in the form of a nine-month case study.

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