What is WooCommerce?

Brainss.co.uk – woocommerce In today’s digital era, everything has changed, including shopping styles. Now, online shopping has become a trend for most people. If you are an entrepreneur, now is the time to change the pattern from conventional to digital. For those of you who want to have an Online Store/Online Shop (Olshop), before making it, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with WooComerce. As the saying goes: “If you don’t know, you don’t love”.

Know What is WooCommerce.

A free WordPress plugin, WooCommerce, lets you run an online shop. With the help of this plugin you have an online store. You can easily create an online store even if you don’t have any IT skills, especially programming (coding) at all.

The WooCommerce plugin has features that give you access to easily manage your online store. You can organize the appearance of the products you sell and you can manage your online store payment system.

Reasons Why Choose WooCommerce Plugin?


Here are some reasons why WooCommerce is the best plugin for creating your online store:
Reason 1. Used by Millions of Users around the World
According to data, WooCommerce has been trusted to be an online store platform by more than 59 million users worldwide. This data shows that WooCommerce has become the online store platform for 28% of online stores worldwide. The quality is not in doubt. Because as many as 21% of online stores that use WooCommerce managed to get into the Top 1 Million Sites.

Reason 2. This plugin is compatible with WordPress

You don’t have to worry about installing this plugin because is a plugin developed directly by WordPress programmers. You just need to install the WooCommerce plugin just like installing any other plugin. (The tutorial will be explained next).

Reason 3. Have Guaranteed Security

Every online store must convince its customers about the security of customer data when transacting at the online store. WooCommerce guarantees to protect all transaction data that occurs in your online store from being misused by other parties. So your customers can shop safely.

Reason 4. This WooCommerce Plugin is Free

To create an online store, of course, the thing that is taken into account is the cost of making it. You don’t have to worry, because One of the main advantages of WooCommerce over other online store platforms is that it’s free. Free WordPress plugin WooCommerce allows you to open an online store. However, WooCommerce also provides some premium features that you must purchase if you want to use them.

Reason 5. Can be used by Layman

So far, people think that creating an online store can only be done by people who have expertise in IT. However, with WooCommerce, you can easily build an online store, from creating product displays in your store, managing product categories, adding promotions and discounts, to making payment options without the need for coding skills.

Reason 6. Having Diverse Theme Options

Each type of online store must have its own concept. This depends on the product to be sold. The concept of an online shop for men’s equipment is certainly different from the concept of an online store that sells women’s equipment. Likewise, the concept of an online book store is definitely different from the concept of a wholesale online store. No need to worry because .provides a wide selection of themes, both free and paid.

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